ATLASTM Global Correction Service

Asteri X3

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Atlas® is a new global GNSS correction service, offering the most innovative correction service available in the industry, providing performance that meets or exceeds that delivered by other industry leaders, at market-leading prices.


Atlas is the most flexible service on the market, delivering its correction signals via L-Band satellites or over the Internet at accuracies ranging from meter to sub-decimeter levels. With approximately 200 reference stations worldwide and L-Band satellites distributing coverage from 75°N to 75°S, all of the earth’s landmass is covered.


Industry-Leading Capabilities


  • Positioning Accuracy: Atlas provides competitive positioning accuracies down to 2 cm RMS in certain applications, often exceeding competitive systems’ capabilities
  • Positioning Sustainability: Cutting-edge position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signals
  • Convergence Time: Industry-leading convergence times of 10 – 40 minutes
  • Scalable Service Levels


The Asteri X3 will support the following Atlas subscriptions

  • H30: 30 cm 95% (15 cm RMS)
  • H10: 8 cm 95% (4 cm RMS)


Affordable Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Service Plans Available